Report Examines Alzheimer’s Disproportionate Toll On Women

USA Today (3/19, Weintraub) reports that according to a report (pdf) released March 18 by the Alzheimer’s Association on its website, “Alzheimer’s takes a disproportionate toll on women.” The report found that “women are far more likely to develop the fatal disease than men: one in six women over 65 will get it during their lifetime, compared with one in 11 men.” What’s more, “women are more likely to be caregivers for someone with Alzheimer’s, and to pay a bigger personal and professional price for that care than men do.”

CNN (3/19, Goldschmidt) explains that “age is the greatest risk factor for gender differences among Alzheimer’s patients, but it’s not the only reason.” Scientists “are also looking at genetic and hormonal differences, according to Maria Carrillo, vice president of medical and scientific relations for the Alzheimer’s Association.” Currently, two-thirds of the “five million Americans” affected by Alzheimer’s are women.

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— “Alzheimer’s takes heavy toll on women,” Karen Weintraub, USA Today, March 19, 2014.

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