Report: VA Healthcare System Needs Substantial Changes

In a more than 1,300-word article, the Wall Street Journal (9/19, A3, Kesling, Subscription Publication) outlines an independent report reviewing the VA healthcare system that was released Friday and that warns the agency needs to make substantial changes to address a number of serious problems.

According to the Washington Post (9/19, Wax-Thibodeaux) “Federal Eye” blog, the 4,000 page study by the Rand, McKinsey, and MITRE corporations “finds that VA facilities cost twice the norm for public facilities, a claim that will likely re-launch a debate about moving towards privatizing some VA services.”

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— “VA Needs ‘Systemwide Reworking,’ Independent Report Finds/a>,” Ben Kesling, Wall Street Journal, September 18, 2015.

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