Report: Worldwide Dementia Burden Expected To Triple By 2050.

CNN (9/19, Wilson) reports that currently, about 35 million individuals worldwide have dementia, but by “2050, that number is expected to more than triple,” with most in need of “constant care,” which can “can impact their loved ones in unmeasurable ways,” according to a new report from Alzheimer’s Disease International.

The AP (9/20, Neergaard) reports that “cognitive impairment is the strongest predictor of who will move into a care facility within the next two years…the report found.” The report points out that the needs of patients with dementia differ from the needs of other individuals with chronic ailments, and it “said families need early education about what services are available to help before they’re in a crisis.” Reuters (9/20) reports that the group calls for an increase in funding for research on dementia.

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— “Overwhelming burden, cost of Alzheimer’s to triple, report says, “Jacque Wilson, CNN, September 19, 2013.

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