Report: Youth Overdose Death Rate Increased Dramatically In US From 1999 To 2013

A number of news outlets based in different parts of the country cover the release of a new report, which found that from 1999 to 2013, there was a large increase in overdose deaths among teenagers and young adults in the US.

USA Today (11/20, Thadani) reports that 35 US “states saw youth drug overdose deaths increase dramatically” during the time period analyzed in the Trust for America’s Health report. The organization’s report found that in “five states – Kansas, Montana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Wyoming – the overdose death rates more than quadrupled.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer (11/20, Sapatkin) reports, “Pennsylvania leads the nation – and New Jersey is fourth – in drug overdose deaths among young adult men, according” to the Trust for America’s Health report. The report, the Inquirer adds, raises “the level of urgency about an epidemic that over the last decade has killed more than twice as many Americans as homicide.”

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— “Report: Youth drug overdose deaths up in 35 states over a decade,” Trisha Thadani, USA Today, November 20, 2015.

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