Review: Antipsychotics Less Effective Than Non-Medication Treatments For Controlling Dementia Symptoms.

The NPR (3/6, Jaffe) “Morning Edition” program and “Shots” blog report that “antipsychotics are much less effective than non-drug treatments in controlling the symptoms of dementia, according to a” review (3/6) published March 4 in the British Medical Journal. Researchers arrived at that conclusion after examining “more than two decades of scientific studies.” The review’s authors “say the treatments that showed the best results were the ones that trained caregivers how to communicate calmly and clearly, and to introduce hobbies or other activities for the patient.” The piece also notes that the FDA has warned that “antipsychotics increase the risk of death for people with dementia.”

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— “Behavioral Therapy Helps More Than Drugs For Dementia Patients,” Ina Jaffe, National Public Radio, March 5, 2015.

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