Review Finds Few Effective Options For Treating MCI.

The Time (4/16, Sifferlin) “Healthland” blog reports that “an analysis published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that there are few effective options for treating the condition” known as mild cognitive impairment (MCI). “The researchers reviewed 32 randomized controlled trials, in which patients were randomly assigned to either an intervention such as drugs to control cognitive decline, herbal remedies, physical activity or mental exercises including crossword puzzles; or left to continue living their lives without any changes. By comparing the various methods of treating cognitive decline, the scientists hoped to come up with some ranking of how effective the various interventions were.”

HealthDay (4/16, Preidt) reports that the review found that “mental exercise can help prevent thinking and memory decline in seniors, but evidence for the benefits of supplements and exercise is weak.” Notably, “estrogen was associated with an increase in mental decline and dementia.”

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— “Mental Exercise May Help Keep Seniors Sharp, “Robert Preidt, HealthDay, April 15, 2013.

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