Review Finds Tripling Of Gun Violence In PG-13 Movies Since 1985.

NBC News (11/11, Dahl) reports on a study published in the journal Pediatrics finding that PG-13 movies of recent release “contain more violence than the R-rated films of the 1980s,” with gun violence having “tripled since 1985.” The study was based on a review of “945 popular films released from 1950 to 2012.”

The Washington Post (11/11, Dennis) reports that gun violence in PG-13 movies “more than tripled since the rating was introduced in the mid-1980s.” The reviewers “excluded violence not intended to harm anyone, such as accidents and run-of-the-mill sports aggression.” They concluded that “violence in films had more than doubled since 1950.”

The New York Times (11/11, Cieply, Subscription Publication) reports that gun violence appears “more than twice an hour in the best sellers” in both PG-13- and R-rated movies. The review’s “authors called for changes to the ratings system, which, according to some of its critics, is tougher on sex than on violence.”

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— “PG-13 movies are now more violent than R-rated ’80s flicks -study, “Melissa Dahl, NBC News, November 11, 2013.

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