Review: Foreclosures May Lead To Increase In Child Abuse.

HealthDay (7/17, Gordon) reports on a study published online July 16 in Pediatrics finding that “the housing crisis that has left so many people without a permanent home may have worsened another serious problem: child abuse.” The study’s lead author said, “We need to recognize that losing a home is very stressful, and we need to let families know that it’s OK to ask for help.” The study was based on a review of “data from 38 hospitals across the United States included in the Pediatric Hospital Information System database,” finding that “the rates of child abuse and traumatic brain injury admissions increased by 0.79 percent and three percent, respectively, from 2000 to 2009,” while “all-cause injuries in children decreased by 0.8 percent per year.” The NBC News (7/17, Fox) “Vitals” blog also covers the story.

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— “Child Abuse Rises When Economy Sags: Study,”Serena Gordon, Health Day, July 16, 2012.

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