Review: Teens With Psychiatric Disorders May Face Difficulty With Schooling, Employment

Reuters (6/23, Rapaport) reports that adolescents with psychiatric disorders appear to have a decreased likelihood of finishing high school or college, or of establishing lucrative careers, according to a review of 27 studies published online June 22 in Pediatrics.

MedPage Today (6/23) reports that the review defined “mental health disorders…as depressive disorders, AD/HD, anxiety disorders, conduct disorders, and undiagnosed psychiatric conditions.” The review found “the most significant association between adolescent mental health and education” to be the “failure to complete secondary school.” HealthDay (6/23, Haelle) and LiveScience (6/23, Nierenberg) also cover the story.

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— “Mentally ill teens struggle with school and work as adults,” Lisa Rapaport, Reuters, June 22 2015.

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