Robin Williams’ Widow Reveals He Was In Early Stages Of Parkinson’s

Major television networks, newspapers, wire sources and Internet media outlets continue coverage of comedian and actor Robin Williams’ suicide, focusing on the revelation by his widow, Susan Schneider, that Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease, but he was not yet ready to share his diagnosis with the public.

ABC World News (8/14, story 3, 2:20, Muir) reported that Susan Schneider released “a statement thanking everyone for the outpouring of good wishes, but she added something else, revealing that Robin Williams had received a Parkinson’s diagnosis.” In another segment on ABC World News (8/14, story 4, 0:30, Muir), senior medical contributor Jennifer Ashton, MD reported that it is “very difficult to treat depression in a patient with Parkinson’s, but there is excellent treatment now and there is reason for hope.”

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