Satcher: Progress On Alzheimer’s Held Back By Limited Funding.

In The Hill (11/15) Congress Blog, former Surgeon General and Director of the CDC David Satcher, MD, wrote that people should be more frightened by Alzheimer’s disease than by Ebola. “While there is virtually no chance of contracting Ebola in the US right now, the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s or needing to care for someone with Alzheimer’s is staggering.” But, according to Dr. Satcher, “progress on Alzheimer’s is being held back by limited funding,” as evidenced by the fact that “for every $26,500 Medicare and Medicaid spend on Alzheimer’s care, the NIH spends only $100 on research.” Earlier this year in testimony before Congress, NIH Director Francis Collins, MD, said that Alzheimer’s research is “unfortunately limited by resources.”

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— “Alzheimer’s is greater public health crisis than Ebola,” David Satcher, MD, The Hill, November 14, 2014.

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