Sequestration Causes Loss Of 3,400 Military Medical Workers.

USA Today (8/28, Zoroya) details the effects of sequestration on military medical workers, reporting that “nearly 3,400 military medical workers quit this year in the months when furloughs were threatened or being carried out,” with most of the losses being incurred by Army medical facilities. The majority of people “leaving went to work for the Department of Veterans Affairs which was not included in the budget cuts,” Army surgeon general Lt. Gen. Patricia Horoho explained to USA Today. Horoho “says she was forced to furlough about 60% of her doctors and nurses.” Furloughs and job uncertainty created a climate in which medical personnel felt devalued, which Horoho attributed to so many people leaving.

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— “Military civilian medical workers quit after furloughs, “Gregg Zoroya, USA Today, August 28, 2013.

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