Shinseki Gets 49-State Commitment To Obtain Better Data On Veteran Suicide Rates.

The Army Times (2/29, Kime) reports, “Better data on suicide rates among veterans could be available by summer under an agreement forged between” Secretary Shinseki “and 49 states.” The rate “often noted in press reports and analyses — an average of 18 veteran suicides each day — is derived from information available from the Centers for Disease Control’s National Violent Death Reporting System, which receives input from 18 states, and other sources. VA now has a commitment from 49 state governments to furnish statistics on veterans’ deaths in their states to the department, said Jan Kemp, VA’s National Mental Health Program Director for Suicide Prevention,” who added that VA is in talks with Colorado’s governor to provide the information. While speaking at the American Legion convention in Washington, DC, on Monday, Kemp stated, “By April, hopefully, we’ll have a more realistic view of the scope” of suicides committed by veterans.

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— “VA aims to get better data on vet suicide rates,”Patricia Kime, ArmyTimes, February 28, 2012.

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