Shortage Of Child Psychiatrists In The US Getting Worse

On its website, NBC News (6/18, Brown, Zhang, Schuppe) reported on the “dearth” of psychiatrists who can treat children. The lack of child psychiatrists in the US, already noted in an HHS report (pdf) issued 17 years ago, “is arguably getting worse,” as the country “grapples with an increase in depression and suicides among young people.” A sizeable number of child psychiatrists are now “approaching retirement,” and because “not enough medical students want to enter the field,” there is no one to replace them. Some states are offering medical student loan forgiveness to attract child psychiatrists, while other states “are encouraging the use of ‘telepsychiatry’ – visits by video conference – and by adopting ‘collaborative care’ programs that connect psychiatrists with primary care physicians.”

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— “Decades Into Crisis, Kids Still Suffer From Shortage of Psychiatrists,” LIZ BROWN, SALLY ZHANG and JON SCHUPPE, NBC News, June 18, 2016.

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