Sibling Bullying May Be As Damaging As Bullying By Others.

USA Today (6/17, Healy) reports, “Bullying and aggressive behavior by a sibling can be as damaging as bullying by a classmate, neighbor or other peer,” according to a study published online in the journal Pediatrics. What’s more, “that association holds true for the various types of aggressive behavior studied, both mild and severe, from physical and psychological aggression to property victimization, researchers say.”

The New York Times (6/17, O’Connor) “Well” blog reports, “The new study, which involved thousands of children and adolescents around the country, found that those who were attacked, threatened or intimidated by a sibling had increased levels of depression, anger and anxiety.” The study examined “physical assaults with and without weapons and the destruction or stealing of property, as well as threats, name-calling and other forms of psychological intimidation.”

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— “Bullying by siblings just as damaging, research finds, “Michelle Healy, USA Today, June 17, 2013.

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