Sign Campaign Alerts People That Fireworks Affect Combat Veterans With PTSD

Reuters (7/2, Kearney) reports that fireworks on the Fourth of July may trigger stress responses and panic attacks in combat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Now, the group Military with PTSD has implemented a sign campaign to let people know that fireworks affect the half million Afghanistan and Iraq veterans with PTSD.

According to the Orlando (FL) Sentinel (7/2, Miller) “Vital Signs” blog, “at least 75 percent of veterans with PTSD say that loud noises bother them, especially fireworks.”

The Riverside (CA) Press Enterprise (7/2, Muckenfuss) reports that the signs from Military with PTSD read, “Please be courteous with fireworks, a combat veteran lives here.” Shawn Gourley, executive director of Military with PTSD, “said the idea is that veterans can place the signs in front of their homes so that neighbors can alert them to any planned firework activity.” KSAT-TV San Antonio (7/2, Gerber) also covers the story on its website and on the air.

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— “U.S. campaign highlights stress of fireworks on combat veterans,” Lila Kearney, Reuters, July 1, 2015.

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