Some Employers Addressing Mental Health Issues In The Corporate World.

US News & World Report (3/14, Wang) reported that “one in four adults – approximately 61 million Americans – experiences mental illness every year, according to a study by National Alliance on Mental Illness,” and many of these people are in the workforce. Now, “some leaders in the corporate world have…adopted emotional health of their employees as a priority,” helping employees to reach their full potential. Such programs pay off in increased productivity, decreased absenteeism “and other indirect costs.” But, despite such progress, “the most challenging part of mental health issue in the corporate world is still getting rid of the stigma, said Clare Miller, director of partnership for Workplace Mental Health at American Psychiatric Foundation,” the educational and philanthropic arm of the American Psychiatric Association. Miller stated, “If you are an employer and are educating the employees about mental health, you are really sending out that message that it’s okay to reach out for help.”

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— “Mental Health: A New Priority in Corporate America,”Nancy Wang, US News & World Report , March 13, 2015.

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