Study: 30% Of Cases Of Adult Depression May Be Caused By Bullying During Adolescence

AFP (6/3) reports that “nearly one in three cases of depression among young British adults may be traced to having been bullied as adolescents,” according to a study published June 2 in the BMJ.

Newsweek (6/3, Main) reports that after examining “records, interviews and diagnoses obtained from more than 2,600 adolescents in Britain, conducted at the ages of 13 and 18,” researchers “created a statistical model that predicted that 30 percent of cases of adult depression may be caused by bullying.”

HealthDay (6/3, Doheny) reports that the study also “found the often-bullied teens tended to stay depressed longer than others.” For example, “for 10 percent of those often-bullied who became depressed, the depression lasted more than two years.” In contrast, just “four percent of the never-bullied group had long-lasting depression.”

Also covering the study are Medical Daily (6/3, Scutti), the Telegraph (UK) (6/3, Knapton), and the Daily Mail (UK) (6/3, Davies).

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— “Teenage bullying linked to adult depression: UK study,” AFP via Yahoo News, June 2, 2015.

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