Study: Poor Parental Health May Precede Child’s Suicide.

Medscape (10/2, Johnson) reports, “Parents who lose a child to suicide have more mental and physical health problems in the two years preceding their child’s death, compared with those whose children do not die by suicide,” according to a study presented at the Canadian Psychiatric Association 62nd Annual Conference. After comparing “outcomes in suicide-bereaved parents (n = 1415), parents whose children had died in motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) (n = 1132), and nonbereaved parents (n = 1415),” investigators found that “suicide-bereaved parents were more likely than MVA-bereaved parents to have had adverse health and social markers prior to their child’s death — including depression (ARR, 1.30), cardiovascular disease (ARR, 1.54), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (ARR, 1.68), other physical disorders (ARR, 1.32), and low income (ARR, 1.33).”

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