Study Shows Delinquent Teens At Risk Of Early Violent Death As Adults.

The Los Angeles Times (6/17, Macvean) reports that a new study published in Pediatrics suggests that “delinquent youth are at risk of early violent death in adulthood, regardless of race, and females are especially vulnerable.” According to the researchers, “girls detained by authorities had nearly five times the rate of violent death as females in the general population – in part because of low rates of violent death for females in general.” Lead author Linda Teplin, a professor of psychiatry and behavior sciences at Northwestern University’s medical school, commented, “Our findings are shocking.”

HealthDay (6/17, Preidt) quotes Teplin, who said, “Prevention is key. We need to reduce the likelihood that youth will become delinquent. And, if they are arrested and detained, we need interventions to reduce violence. Otherwise, perpetrators often become victims.”

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— “Delinquent youth more likely to die violently as adults, study says,” Mary Macvean, Los Angeles Times, June 16, 2014.

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