Study: Social Intervention Should Be Considered Among Treatments For Age-Related Dementia.

The Huffington Post (7/6) reports that according to a new study conducted by researchers at Arizona State University, “when older honeybees take on tasks usually handled by younger bees, aging of their brains is effectively reversed.” The finding “suggests that in humans, social intervention ought to be considered in addition to drugs as a way to treat age-related dementia.” The discovery, announced this week, is detailed in the journal Experimental Gerontology. Meanwhile, “other studies have shown several non-drug tactics can help boost brainpower in older people, including going for walks, taking music lessons, and gaining a sense of control over one’s self and surroundings.”

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— “Bee Brain Study Links Reversal Of Aging-Related Decline To Social Involvement,”LiveScience Staff , The Huffington Post, July 5, 2012.

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