Subway Fatalities Take Psychological Toll On Train Operators.

On its front page, the New York Times (1/4, A1, Flegenheimer, Subscription Publication) reports on the psychological toll taken on New York City subway train operators when people jump or are pushed in front of their trains, situations which almost always result in fatalities or hideous injury. Official policy is to give train operators three days off following a fatality, but “many workers involved in fatal hits can take months to return if they go on compensated leave while recovering from trauma or other psychological conditions.” Others may choose to transfer to other jobs or even retire rather than come back to their old job. “Howard Rombom, a psychologist based on Long Island who specializes in fatal subway cases, said an initial hurdle for operators was recognizing they were not at fault.” Support groups and desensitization therapy may help alleviate some operator stress.

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— “Subway Deaths Haunt Those at Trains’ Controls,”Matt Flegenheimer, The New York Times, January 3, 2013.

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