Suicides In Veterans, Active Duty Military Members Increasing.

The Huffington Post (8/30, Wood) reports that the number of suicides in veterans and active duty military personnel is increasing, “and experts fear it will continue to rise despite aggressive suicide prevention campaigns by the government and private organizations.” Officials with the Department of Defense and the various branches of the service are broadening “suicide-prevention campaigns to include servicemen and women who may be struggling with mental health issues, substance abuse, family dysfunction, financial problems and other issues that can be difficult to manage, but do not necessarily lead to suicide.” US military culture, however, “is resistant to change” when it comes to stigma associated with mental healthcare. And, even though the Department of Veterans Affairs has added some 1,600 additional mental healthcare professionals in recent months, there is still a shortage of clinicians.

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— “Military And Veteran Suicides Rise Despite Aggressive Prevention Efforts, “David Wood, The Huffington Post, September 3, 2013.

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