Survey: 90% Of Americans Value Mental And Physical Health Equally

CNN (9/2, Ansari) reports that results from an online survey “on mental health, anxiety and suicide indicate that 90% of Americans value mental and physical health equally,” indicating that the “stigma” surrounding mental health issues “appears to be shifting, at least in the” US.

US News & World Report (9/1, Esposito) reports that the survey, which was answered by “2,020 nationally representative adults,” also reveals that even though “47 percent of participants believe they have had a mental health condition, only 38 percent have received treatment” for it, with younger people being more likely than older ones to get help. The survey, which was conducted last month “by Harris and sponsored by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention,” also found that “about 55 percent of participants have been affected by suicide in some way, according to a joint press release from the three mental health groups.”

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— “Survey: Mental health stigmas are shifting,” Azadeh Ansari, CNN, September 2, 2015.

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