Survey: About 2.2 Million US Students Sought Professional Counseling Assistance Last Year.

USA Today (3/27, Ritger) reports that, according to “the 2012 National Survey of Counseling Center Directors (NSCCD)…approximately 2.2 million students across the country sought professional counseling assistance” in 2012. “The annual survey included 293 counseling centers, which represent 2.7 million students who are eligible for counseling services at their institutions.” In addition, the survey “found that the number of students seeking help has increased in recent years and 88% of directors said accommodations for more students with serious psychological problems has posed staffing problems.” The article points out that a number of counseling centers have no psychiatrists permanently on staff.

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— “University mental-health resources strained under increased need, “Clara Ritger, USA Today, March 26, 2013.

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