Survey: Advocates Find Mental Healthcare Lacking For Kids, Teens.

HealthDay (4/6, Preidt) reported, “Many American adults who work and volunteer with young people believe that children and teens have limited or no access to mental health care,” according to a survey “conducted by the University of Michigan-based National Voices Project, which was created to assess disparities in children’s health, education and economic opportunities at the community level, through the input of paid adults or volunteers who work on behalf of children.” Notably, “more than half of the respondents said there was ‘lots of availability’ for teens to have hospital care (55 percent) and primary care (56 percent), but only 30 percent said the same was true for mental health care.” Responses were similar regarding availability of mental healthcare for kids.

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— “Mental Health Care Lacking for Kids, Advocates Say, “Robert Preidt, HealthDay, April 5, 2013.

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