Survey: Children Suffering From Autism Often Victims Of Bullying.

HealthDay (4/27, Goodwin) reports that “nearly two-thirds of US children with an autism spectrum disorder have been bullied at some point — according to a recent survey of nearly 1,200 parents by the Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Interactive Autism Network.” The story quotes Connie Anderson, community scientific liaison for the Interactive Autism Network, saying, “Part of the reason the children are so vulnerable is that the heart of autism is a social disability. It’s really hard for them to read the social world, to interpret what’s going on, to make an appropriate response, something most people do naturally.” Bullying is said to reach its height in grades 5-8.

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— “Battling the Bullying of an Autistic Child,”Jenifer Goodwin , HealthDay, April 26, 2012.

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