Survey: Few PCPs Ask Seniors About Depression.

MedPage Today (12/14, Pittman) reports, “Most seniors said they would talk about their depression with their primary care physician, but few said [physicians] think to ask,” according to a recent survey of some 1,300 US seniors called “The Unfinished Business of Mental Health Care for Older Adults.” The survey, which was released yesterday, found that “three-quarters of respondents 65 and older (77%) said they would mention that they were feeling depressed or anxious to their doctor even if they weren’t asked,” but “only one in four said their doctor asked how they were feeling. And, 23% of those older adults who had received some form of treatment said they wished their doctor would do more to make sure the treatment was working.”

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— “PCPs Should Treat Depression, Seniors Say, “David Pittman, Medpage Today, December 13, 2012.

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