Survey Finds Growing Disparities In Physical, Mental Health Of Rich, Poor Children

TIME (2/5, Stout) reports that a “survey conducted in 34” European and North American countries found that “socioeconomic differences across multiple areas of adolescent mental and physical health increased between 2002 and 2010.” The findings were published Feb. 3 in The Lancet.

HealthDay (2/5, Preidt) reports that “the analysis showed that poorer kids living in countries with greater income inequality were more likely to be in worse health, get less exercise, have more body fat, have lower life satisfaction, and report more physical and mental health symptoms, such as irritability and headache.” An accompanying commentary observed, “To improve health and reduce health disparities across the lifespan, a focus should be on social factors that affect the health and well-being of young people.”

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— “There’s a Growing Health Gap Between Rich and Poor Teens,” David Stout, Time, February 4, 2015.

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