Survey: US Millennials Stressed, Anxious, Depressed.

USA Today (2/7, Jayson) reports, “Stress levels for Americans have taken a decidedly downward turn across the USA – except for young adults, whose stress is higher than the national norm,” according to the results of an online survey to be released today. The survey, conducted last August by Harris Interactive on behalf of the American Psychological Association, found that “those ages 18-33 – the Millennial generation – are plenty stressed, and it’s not letting up: 39% say their stress has increased in the past year; 52% say stress has kept them awake at night in the past month. And more than any other age group, they report being told by a health care provider that they have either depression or an anxiety disorder.” A graphic appended to the article lists the primary sources of stress as work, finances, relationships, family issues, and the economy.

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— “Who’s feeling stressed? Young adults, new survey shows, “Sharon Jayson, USA Today, February 7, 2013.

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