Teen “Sexting” Linked To Real-World Sexual Behavior.

Reuters (9/18) reports on a study published online Sept. 17 in the journal Pediatrics that found that one in every seven high schoolers in Los Angeles with a mobile phone has sent a sexually explicit photo or text message. The study found that the teens who had engaged in “sexting” were seven times more likely to be sexually active than those who never sexted.

The Los Angeles Times (9/18, Lynch) “Nation Now” blog reports that “the study polled more than 1,800 Los Angeles high school-age students. Of those polled, 15% acknowledged sexting, and 54% reported knowing someone who had sent a sext.” Lead researcher Eric Rice said that “there is an emerging sense of normalcy around sexting behavior,” adding that “if you have friends that sext, you are 17 times more likely to sext.”

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— ““Sexting” again linked to risky sex among teens, “Genevra Pittman, Reuters, September 17, 2012.

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