Testing Finds Marijuana Far More Potent Than A Generation Ago.

The CBS News (3/23) website reported that today’s marijuana is “more potent by far than the weed sold a generation ago, according to new data being presented Monday at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS).” Charas Scientific researcher Andy LaFrate, PhD, said, “I would say the average potency of marijuana has probably increased by a factor of at least three. We’re looking at average potencies right now of around 20 percent THC.” The National Institute on Drug Abuse “says the potency of marijuana has been steadily increasing over the past few decades, but a level of 20 or 30 percent THC is even greater than the institute has reported in the past.”

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— “Marijuana far more potent than it used to be, tests find, The CBS News, March 23, 2015.

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