The New Focus on Children’s Mental Health

In a 1,700-word article, The Atlantic (10/17, Goldberg) reports that “the majority of the nation’s youngest students don’t have access to mental-health resources at school.” Just “23 percent of prekindergarten programs have on-site or scheduled visits from psychiatrists or psychologists, according to the Child Mind Institute’s 2016 Children’s Mental Health Report.” Exacerbating the situation even further is “the current shortage of mental-health professionals, which is expected to continue.”

In fact, “the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration projects that 12,624 child and adolescent psychologists will be needed to meet demand by 2020, but a supply of only 8,312 is expected.” The article goes on to detail some new school-based programs designed to “make mental health a more robust part of the school day.”

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— “The New Focus on Children’s Mental Health,” EMILY GOLDBERG, The Atlantic, October 17, 2016.

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