Unexpected Loss Of Loved One May Trigger Range Of Psychiatric Disorders.

Medwire (5/22, McDermid) reports that according to a study published online May 16 in the American Journal of Psychiatry, a publication of the American Psychiatric Association, “the unexpected loss of a loved one can trigger a range of psychiatric disorders, including mania, in patients with no history of mental illness.”

After analyzing data on 27,534 people, researchers found that “the unexpected death of a loved one roughly doubled the risk for new-onset mania in people aged 30 years or older, after accounting for factors including previous psychiatric diagnoses.”

The study also revealed that “for some age groups (50–54 years and ≥70 years) the risk increase was more than fivefold.”

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— “Unexpected death may trigger mania in loved ones,” Eleanor McDermid, Medwire News, May 22, 2014.

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