US Army’s Surgeon General Skeptical About Marijuana As PTSD Treatment For Veterans

TIME (8/18, Thompson) reports that Lieut. General Nadja West, the US Army’s surgeon general, “is skeptical that the first-ever federally-approved study will show that marijuana can help US veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD].” Proponents of marijuana treatment for PTSD, she “adds, too often emphasize the benefits without acknowledging the downsides.” General West said, “So to make [marijuana] sound as if it’s perfectly safe, the impact that it has long-term on certain areas of the brain, especially young people developing, that’s been proven: irreversible damage to the hippocampus and things like that that can really have impacts on individuals long-term.”

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— “Top Army Doctor Leery of Treating PTSD with Marijuana,” Mark Thompson, Time, August 18, 2016.

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