US Experiencing Nationwide Shortage Of Psychiatrists

The Toledo (OH) Blade (10/12) reports on a US-wide shortage of psychiatrists at a time of increasing “public awareness of mental illness.” Recently, the American Medical Association conducted a survey that “found that 59 percent of psychiatrists are 55 or older…signaling that many may soon be retiring or reducing their workload,” further exacerbating the shortage. What’s more, there are not enough medical school graduates to replace them. American Psychiatric Association president Renee Binder, MD, “says the perception of inadequate pay is a factor in discouraging some medical students from choosing psychiatry as a specialty.” In Texas, where the shortage of psychiatrists is particularly acute, “lawmakers recently voted to pay the student loans of psychiatrists willing to work in underserved areas.”

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— “Shrinking profession: Serious shortage of psychiatrists facing much of U.S.,” Toledo Blade, October 12, 2015.

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