US Senate Takes Up Veterans Suicide-Prevention Bill Today.

In continuing coverage, the Wall Street Journal (1/31, Kesling, Subscription Publication) detailed the veterans’ suicide-prevention bill named for former Marine Sgt. Clay Hunt. The measure would help veterans with mental health problems get help sooner, would enable them to have access to support following separation from military service, and provide the VA with the ability to hire more mental healthcare professionals. Also included in the measure is up to $30,000 annually in student loan forgiveness for psychiatrists who decide to work for the VA.

The AP (2/2, Daly) reports today, the US Senate “is expected to take up” the measure, which is “aimed at reducing a wave of suicides that claims the lives of 22 veterans every day.” If the Senate passes the bill as expected, it goes to President Obama for his signature.

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— “Congress Moves to Bolster VA’s Mental-Health Services,” , Wall Street Journal, January 31, 2015. [Subscription/Login Required]

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