VA Expanding Veterans’ Crisis Line.

The Huffington Post (3/9, Wood) reports that VA’s “free and confidential Veterans Crisis Line…is intended to bridge the gap between the vast number of veterans who need help, and the broad array of veterans services offered by the VA. In the four years of its existence, the Veterans Crisis Line operators, or ‘responders,’ as they are called, have initiated 18,600 ‘saves’ of veterans who vowed to kill themselves.” Because “thousands of war-weary men and women are expected to leave military service” in the years ahead “and face the stresses of civilian life, strained family relationships and a sagging economy,” VA “is adding more lines and call stations” to the Veterans Crisis Line.

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— “Veterans Crisis Line Seeks To Help Those Struggling With Civilian Life, Unemployment, Post-Combat Stress,”David Wood, Huff Post World, March 8, 2012.

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