VA Promises Aggressive Timetable For Hiring Mental-Health Professionals.

The Fort Worth (TX) Star-Telegram (6/12, Vaughn) reports, “The Department of Veterans Affairs, sharply criticized in recent weeks for delays in getting help for veterans with mental-health problems, promised an aggressive timetable Monday to hire hundreds of psychologists, counselors and social workers this year.” The department “said it has put together a team of experts and established a recruiting and retention program to meet VA Secretary Eric Shinseki’s goal of hiring 1,600 more mental-health clinicians.” Mary Schohn, a “clinical psychologist and director of Mental Health Operations for the VA, said she hopes that as more personnel are added ‘follow-up times will be sooner, veterans will be satisfied with the care they’re receiving and there will be more consistent staffing across the country.'”

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— “VA to hire more mental-health personnel,”Christ Vaughn, Star-Telegram, June 11, 2012.

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