VA Seeking Alternative Treatments For PTSD.

The Washington Post (5/4, Vogel) reports, “Seeking new ways to treat post-traumatic stress, the Department of Veterans Affairs is studying the use of transcendental meditation to help” veterans. The department “has a ‘huge investment’ in mental-health care but is seeking alternatives to conventional psychiatric treatment, said” VA Deputy Secretary W. Scott Gould, who spoke at a “summit Thursday in Washington on the use of TM to treat post-traumatic stress suffered by veterans and active-duty service members.” According to the Post, VA’s “$5.9 billion system for mental-health care is under sharp criticism, particularly after” the recent release of an inspector general’s report on how long it takes vets to get such care from VA.

In its “Federal Eye” blog, the Washington Post (5/4, Vogel) notes that VA is “spending about $5 million on a dozen trials involving several hundred veterans from a range of conflicts, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Results from the trials will not be available for another 12 to 18 months.” Gould, however, “said he was ‘encouraged’ by the results of trials which were presented at the summit.”

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— “VA testing whether meditation can help treat PTSD,”Steve Vogel, The Washington Post, May 3, 2012.

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