VA Working To Deal With Problem Of Overmedicating Psychiatric Patients

In a four-minute segment, NBC Nightly News (6/28, story 8, 4:10, Quintanilla) reported that last year, the VA was “rocked by allegations with problems in its medical system, including long waits for patient care,” while “another controversy” was in Wisconsin, where allegations from whistle blowers claimed that the “chief of staff and other medical personnel have been overmedicating” psychiatric patients. The piece interviewed the father of a former Marine who died from “mixed drug toxicity” seven years ago, and added that the VA has started an initiative to reduce narcotics given to patients with mental health disorders.

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— “Families of Two Vets Accuse Wisconsin VA Center of Over-Prescribing [VIDEO],” ,–wisconsin-va-center-of-over-prescribing-472684611703, June 28, 2015.

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