WHO: Three-Quarters Of World’s Neuropsychiatric Disorders In Low-Income Countries.

In the “Opinionator” blog in the New York Times (7/18), Tina Rosenberg wrote, “According to the World Health Organization, the disease that robs the most adults of the most years of productive life is not AIDS, not heart disease, not cancer. It is depression,” particularly “in places that have experienced war, disaster or crushing deprivation.” Rosenberg pointed out, “According to the World Health Organization, three-quarters of the world’s neuropsychiatric disorders are in low-income or low-middle income countries.” Rosenberg goes on to depict the problems of depression in the developing world and the measures various countries are taking to improve the mental health of their citizens.

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— “Fighting Depression, One Village at a Time, “Tina Rosenberg , “Opinionetor” NYT, July 18, 2012.

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