Women Who Still Want Children After Failed Infertility Treatments May Have Worse Mental Health Than Women Who Stop Wanting To Have Kids

TIME (9/11, Luscombe) reports that research published online in Human Reproduction “suggests that not having children only makes infertile women unhappy if they are unable to let go of the idea of having kids.” The study included approximately 7,000 who had undergone fertility treatments. The women “were sent questionnaires about how they were doing and what caused the infertility and whether they had” children. The majority “of them were doing fine, except for about 6% who still wanted children even a decade or more after their last infertility treatment.”

HealthDay (9/11, Dallas) reports that the researchers found that the “prolonged longing for children was linked to worse mental health regardless of the health issues the women faced or the type of treatment they received.”

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— “,” Belinda Luscombe, Time, September 10, 2014.

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