Workplace Bullying Associated With Greater Use Of Psychotropic Medicines.

The ABC News (12/16, Moisse) “Medical Unit” blog reported, “If you’ve ever felt bullied at work, you’re not alone. A study” published online Dec. 12 in BMJ open “suggests workplace bullying is common, and so is the need for medical intervention.”

MedPage Today (12/15, Neale) reported, “Middle-age, municipal employees who said they were bullied were significantly more likely to be prescribed and reimbursed for at least one psychotropic medication in the next five years (HR 1.51 for women and 2.15 for men).” The study of “6,287 workers (80% female) between the ages of 40 and 60 [who] were not using psychotropic medications at baseline” also revealed that “frequently observing a fellow worker being bullied was similarly associated with subsequent psychotropic medication use for both women (HR 1.53) and men (HR 1.92), the researchers reported.”

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— “Workplace Bullying Tied to Psychiatric Tx, “Todd Neale, MedPage Today, December 14, 2012.

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