Workplace Depression Placing Financial Burden On US Businesses, Healthcare System.

Kaiser Health News (3/24, Gillespie) reports that a study (3/24) published in the February issue of the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry suggests that “for every dollar spent on treating depression, almost five dollars is spent on the treatment and workplace costs of related medical conditions like back and chest pain, sleep disorders and migraines – placing a greater financial burden on businesses and the health care system” in the US. The study “used data from adults 18 to 64 diagnosed with major depressive disorder in 2005 or 2010 from an OptumHealth claims database and from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.” Robert Roca, who chairs the American Psychiatric Association’s council on geriatric psychiatry and who was not involved with the study, “says the gradual integration of mental health care into primary care means more people may be diagnosed early and treated. ‘The ACA sets the stage for this kind of integration effort, and I’m optimistic that we’ll see benefit down the road.’”

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— “Depression, Related Ailments Take Their Toll On The Workplace, Study Finds,”Lisa Gillespie, Kaiser Health News , March 23, 2015.

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