WPost Explores Burden Of Dementia In African-American Communities

In a greater than 4,000-word article, Washington Post Magazine (6/1, Golden) reports “older African Americans develop Alzheimer’s at a higher rate than any other group of older Americans,” and “are about twice as likely as non-Hispanic whites to develop the disease or other forms of dementia, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.” The Post explores the burden of dementia on African-Americans and also discusses the need for more research on the topic, especially because currently African-Americans are underrepresented in clinical trials concerning Alzheimer’s disease. The article mentions that President Trump has proposed reducing funding for the National Institutes of Health, and that the NIH is funding research on Alzheimer’s disease including trials that have African-American participants.

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— “African Americans are more likely than whites to develop Alzheimer’s. Why?,”Marita Golden, The Washington Post, June 01, 2017.

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