Article Addresses Causes Of Army Suicides.

The National Journal (3/7, Resnick, Subscription Publication) reported that in 2012, the US Army recorded 325 suicides. The Pentagon has stepped forward with suicide-prevention plans, and the Army has trained officers and other personnel how to prevent suicide. Now, a clearer picture is emerging of who is committing suicide. Deployment status and post-traumatic stress disorder do not seem to be related, according to research. Instead, “what seems to be happening is that young white men are entering the military with preexisting distress, and that distress manifests over the course of their service. And the Army isn’t addressing trouble signs at critical moments.” The Journal adds, “According to a 2012 review of Army suicide ‘knowns,’ a quarter of the people who had committed suicide had reported at least one symptom on Army health assessments,” but the report found that just five percent received a referral for counseling.

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— “325 Members of the Army Killed Themselves Last Year. Sorting Out Why Is No Easy Task., “Brian Resnick, National Journal, March 7, 2013.

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