Facebook Campaign Aims To Prevent Suicides In Veterans, Service members.

Numerous publications, including the Los Angeles Times and the MSNBC website, run positive stories noting that Veterans Affairs is involved with a Facebook campaign that aims to prevent suicides in the veteran populations.
For example, the Los Angeles Times (5/10, Maltais) reports, “Facebook is connecting with military-support and service organizations to offer customized suicide-prevention services for veterans, active service members and their families.” In “conjunction with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the nonprofit organization Blue Star Families, Facebook has unveiled a literal lifeline within the site, with informational and response tools customized for service members and their families.”

On its website, MSNBC (5/10, Golijan) reports that Facebook will offer, “among other things, ways to reach the Veterans Crisis Line, which connects veterans (and their friends and families) to qualified” VA “responders via phone, online chat or text messaging.”

On its website, WRC-TV Washington (5/10, Roberts) points out, however, that “Facebook had already provided suicide prevention measures in the past through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, but did not have the customized services that are now available to military families, personnel, and veterans.”

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— “Facebook offers suicide-prevention lifeline for military families,”Michelle Maltais, Los Angeles Times, May 9, 2012.

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