Limiting Rough Play During Soccer May Be Better Way Of Preventing Concussions

The AP (7/14, Tanner) reports that “limiting rough play” during soccer games may “be a better way to prevent concussions and other injuries,” according to a “nine-year” study published online in JAMA Pediatrics.

TIME (7/14, Worland) reports that after analyzing “data collected between 2005 to 2014 from a sample of representative high schools in the” US “to estimate total soccer concussion numbers across the” country, researchers found that “player-to-player contact caused the majority of concussions.” The study also found that “headers, which require players to redirect the ball with their head, were the most dangerous individual move, responsible for nearly a third of concussions for boys and more than a quarter for girls.”

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— “This Soccer Move Is Causing Concussions In Kids,” Justin Worland, Time, July 13, 2015.

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