Report: VA Devoted Millions To ACA Outreach, “Few Resources” On Pending Applications.

The Washington Examiner (11/25) reports that officials with the Department of Veterans Affairs “spent millions of taxpayer dollars promoting the Affordable Care Act to veterans who didn’t even need the coverage, but have dedicated relatively few resources to helping veterans on the agency’s long waiting list get access to their benefits, internal documents show.” Internal reports obtained by the Washington Examiner show the VA spent $6.125 million on an outreach campaign for the ACA that ended last year. An August documents “indicates the VA sent 2.8 million Affordable Care Act ‘buddy’ letters in Aug. 2013.”

By comparison, in August of this year, “the VA sent just 10,000 letters warning combat veterans that their eligibility for health care benefits was about to expire.” According to the article, many veterans with pending applications for the VA system were never told they needed to turn in their discharge papers as proof of military service.

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— “VA spends millions promoting Obamacare, little cutting wait times,” Srah Westwood, Washington Examiner, November 24, 2015.

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